The internet now has plenty of websites offering opportunities for job seekers in almost every business field. But while many of these websites tend to stretch their portfolios of job offerings and cover more categories, Adhires found a great potential in serving a niche market instead. Focusing on the hiring needs of the advertising sector was a smart approach, considering the increasing demand for jobs like designers, social media professionals, account handlers, etc.
I created different logo options for Adhires. The first one showcased below was the winning design, followed by 3 other logo proposals.
The Medium
In the advertising world, different mediums could mean different career paths. New technologies and communication channels are continuously calling for more specialties, redefining the roles of some existing jobs, and even creating totally new jobs that never existed before.
The square symbolizes the medium; any advertising medium (TV, internet, radio, press, outdoors, etc.) The gap on the right side leaves the door open to all the new opportunities and unlimited possibilities that can arise in the future as the industry keeps on developing and growing.
Form & Color Variations
The 7-piece, slightly-shuffled-rainbow color palette hints the diverse and creative nature of the advertising field, where many people with different roles and backgrounds collaborate together and contribute to a single artwork, which is then communicated across one or more mediums.
Six color gradient were created using the 7 swatches, giving the brand a more vivid and playful look. The gradients can be used in multiple brand applications, both to add significance and aesthetics (as shown in the sample below).
Color Palette & Gradients

Business card design.

Other Proposed Logos
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