COVA is an Egyptian art-driven coffee store opened in April 2017 in one of Cairo's most distinctive neighborhoods. After building its brand identity (which you can view in details here) I worked on planning and designing a pre-opening online campaign for COVA, and I also set basic guidelines for its future online materials.
The main objectives of the pre-opening campaign were to introduce the newborn brand into the market, communicate its core values, set expectations, and finally to provide information on where and when can people actually start experiencing COVA.
COVA promises the right cup of coffee that can make life easier and clearer, boost productivity, improve quality, and stimulate positive feelings. This concept was verbally introduced in the campaign with the tagline "Life needs COVA." The idea was simply to highlight common situations which people can relate to in their daily lives, and where COVA can be the solution to make them easier, better, or more enjoyable.
The tagline was pinned on the bottom-left corner, opposite to the Facebook and Instagram icons on the right. The point was to keep the message visible, and to attract more traffic to COVA's newly created social media pages.
Art Direction
COVA is minimal, industrial, and playful. The campaign inherited the line-art style used in COVA's variant of the famous Impossible Triangle, and then it was implemented to create a set of minimal illustrations. Using the brand colors, in addition to a narrow secondary palette, the final posts were characterized by their energizing colors, and mostly-symmetric basic shapes.
The COVA coffee cup—which is an essential brand application—was present throughout the whole campaign, featuring a simplified version of the triangle.
Phase 1
The first post answered the "why" question, briefly summing up the main concept and message. It featured a big yellow COVA coffee cup and hinted the store's location. The following five posts showcased the COVA cup in different sets: studying, working, driving, working out, and finally just chilling around at home.
Phase 2
Three days before opening, phase 2 was all about details, answering the "where" and "when" questions. I designed a streamlined map pointing to the exact store's location, with driving directions to help people find COVA more easily. A countdown was also created to announce the opening day.
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Agency: Seven Heaven