Etapa Cover Photo
Back in 2016, I created a logo for a luxurious residential compound developed in Cairo, called Etapa. In Spanish, the word "etapa" gives the meaning of stage, grade, or phase. The name was chosen by the client before I was asked to work on the logo. From one perspective, the name referenced the higher geographical altitude of the compound's site, relative to its surroundings. While from another perspective, it gave the sense of superiority and high standards. Carefully—and very subtly—I nested this concept within the wordmark to create a minimalist, yet a very unique logo for Etapa.
Concept & Inspiration —
Etapa Logo Concept
Etapa Logo Inspiration

Logo inspiration.

Structure —
Etapa Logo
Etapa Font and Colors
Etapa Business Card Design
Minimal business card design for Etapa.

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