SHS Cover Photo
SHS (Scientific Health Solutions) is a child company and the medical arm of "MechaTronics Egypt"—a local market leader in the field of contracting and trading MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems. In 2016, I worked on creating a visual identity for SHS. Below was my main proposal, followed by an alternative logo concept.
SHS is when science and technology are utilized to help people enjoy life, with the least worries about struggling with any possible health problems or physical difficulties. It aims at enhancing the well-being of the society, through equipping the medical sector with advanced solutions to help them provide more reliable and effective healthcare services.
SHS Concept Inspiration
The logo concept succeeded to represent the essence of SHS, by integrating visual cues of both "well-being" and "technology" in a single minimal icon. The final logomark has the outlines of a simplified heart shape, featuring details that symbolize an electronic circuit.
SHS Logomark Structure
SHS Logo Structure Animation
The heart shape was intentionally rotated 45° counter-clockwise to perfectly settle on top of the wordmark in the primary logo version, and in the same time align neatly on its left-hand side in an alternative logo formation. The wordmark consists of the abbreviation "SHS" written in a modern, technical-looking sans-serif font, along with the full brand name below it.
SHS Full Logo
Colors & Fonts
The color palette is minimal and professional to reflect the B2B corporate nature of SHS. Navy blue and a balanced green hue were selected as the two primary colors, in addition to dark gray. Both blue and green are often associated to technology, and can be seen in many medical equipment and devices, inside hospitals and clinics, and even in scrubs worn by surgeons and nurses. In the same time, the two colors excessively exist in nature, and are often used to represent life and prosperity.
Similar to the color palette, the typefaces chosen for SHS were intended to feel clean, modern and professional. Two weights of the same font family called "Kelson" were chosen for headlines; Bold for main headings, and Medium for subheadings. While for body text, "Helvetica Neue" was a perfect choice for both its simplicity and clarity.
SHS Colors and Fonts
SHS Stationary Mockup
SHS Business Cards Mockup
Alternative Logo
A second logo concept was developed and presented to the client as a possible alternative. This logo idea was smoother and less technical than the first option. It reflected more of the "healthcare" aspect of the brand, rather than highlighting any technological values.
SHS Alternative Logo
SHS Alternative Logo Variations
The heart shape which was a primary element in the first logo was also present here, however it was much simpler and smaller, and it was integrated into the letter H of "SHS". Hence, the shorthand brand name "SHS" served both as the wordmark and the logomark. An optional line featuring the full brand name was then added below the logo, so it can be used in certain applications when needed. Slightly different tones of the same blue-green color combination were chosen for this concept, they are relatively darker and a little washed out, giving a softer and more relaxed feeling to complement the logo.
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